Best and Fresh Italian Family and Romantic Restaurant

Italian foods are loved by many people by its authentic and delicious taste of food items. Pasta Fresca is an authentic Italian family restaurant since 1988. The dream was originated by a former diving specialist who was settled in Singapore with his Singaporean wife. They started with the freshest and best ingredients to run their restaurant and their legendary friendliness with customers survives their business and they started to serve south Italian food to Singaporeans.

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Fresh food at lowest price

Pasta Fresca just like the name of the restaurant they use fresh ingredients to make their food and served at lowest prices to the customers. It is one of the famous boat quay restaurants available in Singapore with authentic Italian foods. Professional chefs working here provide delicious and wholesome dishes with exclusive menus also for special occasions of their customers. Their management introduced many latest methods to prepare food from high quality pasta using fresh ingredients with the same traditional authentic taste of Italy. Production process is supervised by professional to ensure high quality food products at competitive prices.

Healthier Dining Partner

You can get healthy and tasty foods that are made at home and you will find variety of dishes such as vegetarian, appetizers, pasta varieties, pizza, kids special dishes, desserts and beverages and wines. This is the true hearty Italian food platform which is aimed to offer quality foods to the customers and also maintains a friendly customer relationship which lasts for a long term.

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