To Perform a Dual Lift in Card Magic

The lift in Card magic is a utility move that may develop into a full routine. The lift method to lift more or two cards discretely. You must become the pressure of your hands as well grip. Hold the deck on your dominant hand. Rest your thumb across the side that is right, have the thumb. Index finger curled along with the deck, as for the remaining fingers they hit the right side of this deck gently holding the playing cards. They will seem to have a small angle, when looking at the cards. This is referred to as a mechanisms grip in card magic. Second, release your Index finger away from the cards, bend your thumb, and apply pressure with your thumb’s edge. Notice that your thumb should be placed about a third down from the top. This will result in moving the cards slightly your fingers should be placed under the deck as the card proceed. Be aware this movement needs to have a sense.

Third, with your Hand extend your fingers all at the exact same time move to the cards. The cards have been accumulated. Both cards will pivot beneath the cards, once assembled use your thumb to square up the deck. Move away from the playing cards till you have formed aV. This can help the card turns with your hand set the thumb beneath the two cards. Using your index finger in turning the cards to assist. Do not forget to use the foundation of your hand. Fourth, make sure you’re while the other fingers underneath thumb are on the surface of the card. Slide the two cards in addition to the playing card deck that is complete. While holding the deck reaching the top of the deck, extend your fingers. Securing the 2 cards together with your non dominant hand, thumb ring and index finger are holding the cards while your pinky is holding the complete deck. Wave the cards, giving an appearance of 1 card.

When placing the cards back on to the deck, then slide the left edge at the exact same time rotate your dominant hand. In the edge of the deck the 2 cards are at this time, forming a letter L. Click here to bring the cards flush with the deck. When practicing this Move do every move slow the rate will increase. Another note, ensure that you’re playing cards are clean, dirty decks create the double lift more difficult to perform; inducing a tiny chunks of cards proceeding as one packet. Remember with this movement you can set there choose card to the center of the deck, snap your fingers and it will appear that their preferred card has moved to the top in an instant. The only thing now is to practice, practice and practice some more using this technique can allow you to become more confident of your abilities.

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